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Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers is proud to be downtown Auburn’s local independent bookstore. Located in the heart of downtown, our bookshop offers bestsellers, classics, local specialty items, cards, gifts, and novelties for book lovers. Our booksellers read first, recommend second. Our baristas love coffee just as much as they love books. And we all love stories. We believe that stories don’t just come wrapped in book jackets. Sometimes they’re bottled in a wine, roasted in a bean, baked in a muffin, woven into a tea towel, or created in a moment. That’s why we’re more than just a bookstore. If you’ve found your way here, we’re willing to bet you love stories too.
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There’s no way we can translate the experience of our store onto the interwebs. But we’re going to try! Here’s all we have to offer when you pay us a visit.
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We’re some great people who love books, and we’re all super different. Find the right bookseller for you.

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It matters. Truly. Your support makes a world of difference to more than just the bookstores themselves. If you’re interested, we’ve pulled together some easy ways for you to support indie bookstores, as well as reading material for why it matters for both the local community and literary industry as a whole.
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