Frequently Asked Questions

And we mean frequently. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers.

No, nor do we accept them.

Yes, we can! Placing a special order works the same way as if we were ordering a book to put out in the store, except instead we hold it and give you a call. It costs the same as if we had the book in stock to begin with, just the price of the book. You can place a special order through this form.

Yes, we can! Books are a $5 shipping fee while non-book items are $8.
Yes, we do! We just ask that you call for payment, then call when you arrive. There are two curbside spots directly in front of the store.
Unfortunately not at this time. Please give us a call or stop by the store to purchase a gift card.
Unfortunately not. Because we have so many books and they are on and off the shelf so quickly and constantly, there just isn’t a good way for us to accurately represent what we have currently in store online. The best way to check is to give us a call!
We only accept book returns within 7 days of purchase, with a receipt, for store credit. The only exception for books is if it was gifted to you, in which case we will accept it for store credit after 7 days. For all other items, they may be returned in new condition with a receipt for store credit. No refunds.
We love pets, but because we have a cafe, only registered Service Animals are permitted in store. Emotional Support Animals are not allowed.
We love that people love our space so much! We get this request often, and have found the process to be disruptive, so it is not something we are able to accommodate in most cases. If you would still like to inquire, please fill out the form below with a few specifics: when you had in mind, what you had in mind, how long you think you would need to be on site, etc.
Yes, gift wrapping is always available and always free. Even during the holidays!
The floors above us include offices and condominums, so we ask that people not explore beyond the bookstore. Thank you.
You don’t! We compile guest lists for each event so that you never have to worry about keeping track of or picking up a physical ticket. Once you buy your spot, all you have to do is show up!
Our name pays homage to Murphy Armor, the father of our co-founder Mike Armor. Murphy owned a number of filling stations in Auburn in the 1960s and 70s; the stations were branded Phillips 66, but were owned by Auburn Oil Company.