Our Story

Rooted in tradition

Every story has a beginning, and ours began in the 1950s with Murphy Armor and Auburn Oil Co.

How did we get started?

When Mike Armor was growing up in Auburn and attending Auburn City Schools and Auburn University, his father, Murphy, owned Auburn Oil Co. and several Phillips 66 service stations in Auburn and the surrounding area. That was a time when a service station was a community hub, a place where service meant not only pumping your gas, but providing a welcoming place to hang out and swap stories. In 2019 June Wilcox and Mike Armor decided to pay homage to Murphy and create a space where people could come together and share their love of books and a good cup of coffee.
Auburn Oil Company Storefront

How did we get through 2020?

You. That’s how we made it through 2020. Thank you. We also washed our hands (a lot), and we got really creative. Window shopping took on a new meaning when we moved our blind date books and staff picks to the windows, and even though we couldn’t see each other in real life, we chatted with you over Facetime and videoed our bookshelves. We took phone orders and made curbside and home deliveries. And even though we were separated from each other, we built incredible, long-lasting relationships with all of you.

Fueling Minds

Like an old-time filling station, we’re a place where people can come hang out, tell stories, and have a cup of coffee. Being a community hub is a huge part of our mission in Auburn. More than just a store that provides a service, we want to make connections and friendships with our customers. That’s why our events and book clubs mean so much to us.

M. Judson Booksellers

We affectionately refer to M. Judson Booksellers as our big sister. We share the same owners, and both stores feature fabulous teams of booksellers. Like a big sister, M. Judson has been our guide ever since we opened in 2019.