Against The Grain Pre-Order

Written by winner of the Harry Chapin WhyHunger book award Roger Thurow. Against the Grain draws on the author’s four decades of journalism and humanitarian experience to explore how the practices of modern agriculture often turn against the farmers themselves, leading to malnutrition in their families, degradation of their soil, and other environmental calamities that threaten their lives and their livelihoods. The result is a profound narrative of heroic farmers around the world confronting the collision of humanity’s two supreme imperatives: nourishing us all and preserving the planet from the very consequences of growing our food.

Against the Grain traces the impact of environmentally balanced agriculture through Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya in the Great Rift Valley, into the Indo-Gangetic Plain of India, up to the Pan-American highlands and the roof of the Andes, and across the wheat fields in Kansas and the old—and new—grazing grounds of the buffalo on the U.S. prairie. Spanning four continents and multiple generations of farmers, Thurow’s book illuminates their efforts to farm against the grain of industrial agriculture, to terrace and diversify fields, to embrace agroforestry, to work with nature, and to restore community traditions in the fight against abiding hunger and changing climates.

Release Date- August 13th,2024