Page Pairings Season Pass

Who doesn’t want to go to a book-inspired wine tasting every month? This event consistently sells out, so this year, we’re offering a brand new way of making sure you or someone you love never misses out: the Season Pass!

This Season Pass for the 2023 Page Pairings events equates to either 3 or 6 tickets for the tastings of your choosing in the next year (and a bottle of wine)!

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose below between the 3 and 6 month Season Pass. We’ll email you a form to get more information, then send a personal coupon code. These codes are unique to you and will not expire until fully used, meaning they may be used into 2024 if needed.
  • Over the next year, as you see Page Pairings events pop up on our Events Calendar, simply add your ticket to your cart as usual, then use your coupon code to negate the cost and let us know it’s part of your Season Pass package.
  • Your code will automatically stop working after your pass has been fully used.

 * If you need to change your ticket after using your code, please just send us a note through the contact form.