Sideline Stories

We think the stories behind our non-book items set them apart and give our customers fuller experiences in the long run. These items aren’t soulless or mass-produced; they’re made with careful creativity and consideration, just like our books.

Barcoop Bevy - Charleston, SC

These all natural cocktail mixers are easy to use, easy to enjoy, and made from a short list of real ingredients. Meet the crazy fun little sister of Bittermilk Cocktail Mixers: Barcoop Bevy. From the same makers, these mixers suggest a spirit on the bottle, but we suggest getting a little crazy and experimenting with other spirits you enjoy using the simple 2:1 ratio recipe. Throwing a party? For a bevy of friends, use the handy fill line on the back of each bottle to make a pitcher’s worth of cocktails. Serving interesting, flavorful, and natural cocktails to large groups just got a whole lot better.

Bittermilk - Charleston, SC

Bittermilk is a line of cocktail mixers made by bartenders for cocktail enthusiasts. Why does a bookstore carry cocktails mixers? Because books and booze are a classic and timeless combination, but also because they’re both things crafted by storytellers. With deep roots in the restaurant and bar industry, husband and wife team Joe and MariElena Raya sought out to simplify the process of making craft cocktails at home. Crafted with real ingredients and bottled by their own human hands in Charleston, SC, the labor is in the bottle. All you have to do is add the booze and get back to doing what you love.

Bloody Point - Hilton Head, SC

These are the Bloody Mary mixes to end all Bloody Mary mixes. “Being unique is the bloody point.” Mixologist Justin Johnston didn’t want to sacrifice flavor for simplicity. Instead, he layers fresh tomatoes, peppers, and spices to create a progression of flavors you can’t beat and don’t need to doctor up. Bloody Mary Mix carries notes of rosemary, fennel, and cayenne, and can be used both as a mix and as a marinade. The Remedy infuses caffeine and vitamin B12 with a softer flavor profile of horseradish, ginger, and dill for those hard mornings.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit - Charleston, SC

Callie’s Cookbook: Callie’s Biscuits and Southern Traditions is a southern staple. Callie’s biscuit mixes and jams make following her recipes even easier and tastier. Carrie Morey founded her homemade biscuit business with the memory of her mother in mind and has since grown it into an iconic Southern brand that stands for both honoring old traditions and forging new ones. Carrie has loyal followers who love that her recipes go beyond biscuits and Southern staples to how to balance entrepreneurship and family life. Because as large and successful as her brand gets, Carries still values people most.

Camilla Goods - As Local as You Get

Camilla Goods was born of the very bookstore you’re standing in, created when our owners couldn’t find the perfect items to pair with the books they keep around them. Camilla Goods exists to make bookish folks happy with book accessories they’ll use and love. Boarding Pass Bookmarks find your place with high-quality nostalgia and tokens of literary odysseys. Booksmart Mugs make you smile with every sip, reminding you of a favorite literary quote, right in the palm of your hand. Booksmart Candles scent your reading space with smells that bring your favorite authors and books to life.

Charles Henderson - Greenville, SC

These postcard prints of upstate landmarks share the heart of Greenville with others. According to Henderson, art has always been an important part of his life. He’s been painting since 1982, completing over 150 watercolor paintings. Our favorite thing is that Charles Henderson paints because he loves doing it, and we think it shows. His bright colors and bold style help us see the city we love with just as much joy. Check out his rendering of M. Judson on our newest T-shirts!

Dapper Sandlapper - Greenville, SC

These fine, handcrafted bow ties and accessories are in patterns and styles you can’t find anywhere else. Toni Morrison said: “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” There were bow ties that Nick wanted to wear, but couldn’t find, so he took to his sewing machine. Enter: A Dapper Sandlapper. Nick’s mission has always been to provide accessories unlike any others. We love A Dapper Sandlapper bow ties because they remind us of the colorful book covers that line our shelves: we can’t look away.

Dick Mitchell - Greenville, SC

These watercolor prints beautifully capture landmarks and landscapes around the upstate area. Though his career as an architect left him little time to paint, after retirement, Dick Mitchell found that his design skills transferred beautifully, allowing him to create an enchanting contrast between the sharp lines of architecture and the soft bleed of watercolor paint. We love the way his works tell and hold the stories of our city both in their subject and their making.

Lumineux Chocolate - Greenville, SC

This small-batch, European-style chocolate is of the highest quality using the best ingredients and time-honored techniques. The perfect night often looks like a fat book and a chocolate bar, but not just any chocolate bar–one crafted with just as much care as the book in your lap. Owners Ben and Becca Snyder have spent a combined 20 years in the restaurant industry–Ben as a pastry chef and baker and Becca as a cake decorator and baker. Chocolate became an instant love and an opportunity to use their collective skills to create unique flavor combinations done in unusual ways.

Mission Grape - Greenville, SC

All our wines are brought to you by Mission Grape: a local wine distributor focused on high-quality wine. You may have noticed that for a bookstore, we sell a fair share of wine. We don’t just think that the two go well together (though we do), we think that the stories within the wines–their makers and vineyards, the vines and climate–give them just as much a spot on our shelves as the stories we preserve in ink. We are proud that our wines are all sourced through Mission Grape. This isn’t mass produced, soulless stuff. It’s brought to market by small-grower, biodynamic, family farms: people who love people, and wine.

Oliver Pluff & Co.- Charleston, SC

These teas, toddies, and wassails are American-made and hand-packed, and you can taste the difference. We love pairing a cup of tea with a book, but these teas come with their own stories. Oliver Pluff & Company asked the question, “What teas were thrown in the harbor during the Boston Tea Party?” They sought the tea gardens that supplied the British East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries, and then recreated those blends in order to share a cup of history with you!

Old Whaling Co. - Charleston, SC

These land-crafted, sea-inspired bath and body essentials are here to keep your skin happy. Books are balm to the soul, but your skin needs balm too. Founded in 2012, Old Whaling Co. originated from the desire for a gentler alternative to everyday bath and body brands. From simple ingredients to sea-inspired fragrances, their products aim to leave your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and fragrant. We personally love keeping the big containers of body butter by our TBR stacks, the mini size in our totes for on-the-go moisture, and the bombs by our tubs for those nights when only a book and bath will do.

Spicewalla - Asheville, SC

Over 100 fresh herbs and spices with more than 30 original blends. A writer having an extensive and colorful vocabulary is akin to a cook having a well-stocked spice cabinet. Growing up in India, Mehrwan Irani was raised in the proud family tradition of growing, gathering, grinding, and combining spices for his grandmother’s recipes. Now a five-time James Beard Award nominee for Best Chef in the Southeast and founder of Chai Pani, Irani has founded Spicewalla in order to bring that same passion, expertise, and creativity to spices in both professional and home kitchens.

Tessha Zimmerman Dickey - Taylors, SC

Dickey’s prints are layered with the texture of acrylic paint, laser-cut wood, book pages, and gold leaf. Tessha Zimmerman Dickey is crazy about colors, collecting Ginkgo leaves, and the small human that calls her “Mama”. Her work invites viewers to contemplate the often-overlooked moments of beauty and whimsy in the world around them: like well-crafted sentences, bright yellow leaves, and red breasted birds.

Wildwood Landing - Charleston, SC

These flour cloth dish towels are printed with quips to make you chuckle. Wildwood Landing’s story starts when Lori’s daughter-in-law first moved to America, married her son, and needed a way to make a living. Together, they began creating products to encourage others to be kind, bring laughter, and give back. The name Wildwood Landing comes from the street Lori lives on, where dreams came true for their family. You can feel the laughter and joy from their home (and hear the laughter from customers) in every line printed on their products.