Big Fish

A lovely, magical, pull at your heartstrings novel. Big Fish is about the relationship between a father and son. A story about stories, life, and death. Takes place in Alabama, […]


You’ve never read a war story quite like this. A darkly humorous, time and space-warp tale about the heavy cost of surviving tragedy. Buy on Bookshop

The Bluest Eye

The protagonist of this book, Pecol Breedlove, sticks with you. How do we reconcile the heartbreaking gap between what we dream of and our reality? A read that requires tissues […]

The Feminine Mystique

A groundbreaking book when first published in 1963, Friedan examines the social norms surrounding the roles of women and encourages women to seek their worth and ambitions. Buy on Bookshop

Murder on the Orient Express

A shocking, classic mystery in which Hercule Poirot is tasked with solving a dark case. The Orient Express is forced to stop dead in its tracks, all while a murderer […]

If Beale Street Could Talk

A tender love story that’ll have you falling for Tish and Fannie almost as hard as they’ve fallen for each other. A commentary on the cost of love – especially […]

Ham on Rye

Written in Bukowski’s natural, cynical style, this novel is a dark look into Henry Chinaski’s formative years – forging a sharp critique on society and the middle class. Buy on […]

Giovanni’s Room

A beautiful and at times heart aching exploration of the costs of love, connection, masculinity, expatriation, and defining who you are.  Buy on Bookshop

Pride and Prejudice

If you think modern dating is hard, try it in Victorian England! A witty classic groundbreaking for its time (and still today), Austen’s funny social critique on love, courtship, and […]

The House on Mango Street

Sweet yet sharp, endearing and observant. Esperanza blends lighthearted child’s-play and witty candor in her estimations of her experiences growing up in the red house on Mango Street. A great […]