Murder on the Orient Express

A shocking, classic mystery in which Hercule Poirot is tasked with solving a dark case. The Orient Express is forced to stop dead in its tracks, all while a murderer is on the loose. A gripping must read. Buy on Bookshop

Still Life

The first in the Inspector Gamache mystery series. This series is smart and suspenseful. Penny’s beloved Quebec sets a perfect backdrop for the stories that just keep getting better. Buy on Bookshop

In the Woods

Well-developed characters and a great mystery – Tana French gets it right! This is the first novel in her Murder Squad series, but you can read them out of order. Buy on Bookshop

The Last Mrs. Parrish

An engaging psychological thriller that will keep you entertained with every juicy revelation! A story about a woman scheming and insulates herself into the lives of an affluent couple. It highlights the dangers of envy. A great pick if you enjoyed The Wife Between Us. Buy on Bookshop

Say Nothing

An insightful account of the people – both willing and unwilling – who were involved in “The Troubles.” This book gave me an understanding of what it would feel like to be caught up in a war with no clear boundaries and just as applicable today as in the 1970s and 80s. Buy on Bookshop

The Girl on the Train

You’ll have a hard time putting down this psychological thriller. After Rachel witnesses a shocking moment from her window view on the commuter train she thrusts herself into finding out the truth. Buy on Bookshop

My Sister, the Serial Killer

Does family always come first?A resentful older sister continues to enable her younger sister’s serial killer tendencies. Humorous and dark. Buy on Bookshop

The Whisper Man

  A chilling take about a serial killer haunting a small town in England. At its core, this novel is about a relationship between a father and son coping with the death of the wife/mother. A spooky page turner that’ll make you sleep with the lights on! Buy on Bookshop

The Witch Elm

Truly shocking and unexpected! A long forgotten death is unearthed and shakes an already rocky family. This novel makes you feel a true connection to the characters – like you are there experiencing every twist and turn! Buy on Bookshop