The Last Ballad

One of my favorite NC writers revisits the difficult and inspiring life of Ella May Wiggins–1929 mill laborer, single mother, unionist. Wiggins fought for equality and justice way before it was “okay for women to do so.” Wiggins was an OG Resister–but hers is a story you won’t be able to resist. Buy on Bookshop

The Handmaid’s Tale

  Should be required reading for all. A theocratic overthrow of the US government leaves women with no rights to their own bodies. Atwood may have written this in 1984, but the story seems eerily familiar–from blaming the country’s ills on Middle Eastern terrorists to people’s dependency on cards for paying for all financial transactions. […]

Gods of Jade and Shadow

A fairy tale filled with Mexican folklore set during the jazz age. A young woman is sent on an adventure into the underworld by the Mayan god of death. Buy on Bookshop

Anger Is a Gift

This book gets 5 stars! It’s one of the best YA books I’ve read. Tender, empathetic, and heartbreaking at points. Moss exemplifies the power and courage we all need to speak out after loss. This book will bring out your inner activist – perfect for fans of The Hate U Give. Buy on Bookshop

Grand Union

A collection of short stories, brief essays, and musing from one of the most prolific writers of our time. Great for lovers of language and small bites of literature. Plus, it’s just frickin beautiful! Buy on Bookshop

Again, but Better

Shane wants a second chance at college and decides to go on a study abroad trip to London to make friends, pursue boys, and find adventure. This is the perfect blend of cheesy and sweet that reads like your next favorite rom-com. Buy on Bookshop

The Girls

A coming-of-age story with a twist of cultism. Wonderfully written and full of mystery. Cline delivers teenage impulsiveness and adult reflection with a seamless finish. Buy on Bookshop

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Exploration of “first contact” with beings from another world amidst the depths of social media. April May discovers one of these beings… throwing her into something deeper and far more complex than she would have imagined. Buy on Bookshop

The Girl on the Train

You’ll have a hard time putting down this psychological thriller. After Rachel witnesses a shocking moment from her window view on the commuter train she thrusts herself into finding out the truth. Buy on Bookshop


Satirical, darkly comical, disturbing, and thought-provoking. Natasha, the daughter of a Russian oligarch, attends boarding school in England with other wealthy and privileged teenage girls. She is immersed in an image-obsessed world where her classmates take extreme measures to be thin and feel worthy of love. Buy on Bookshop