Anger Is a Gift

This book gets 5 stars! It’s one of the best YA books I’ve read. Tender, empathetic, and heartbreaking at points. Moss exemplifies the power and courage we all need to speak out after loss. This book will bring out your inner activist – perfect for fans of The Hate U Give. Buy on Bookshop

Again, but Better

Shane wants a second chance at college and decides to go on a study abroad trip to London to make friends, pursue boys, and find adventure. This is the perfect blend of cheesy and sweet that reads like your next favorite rom-com. Buy on Bookshop

The Hazel Wood

For lovers of dark fairy tales and Neil Gaiman. Get swept away on an adventure with Alice Proserpine–the granddaughter of the author of a cult-classic book of fairy tales. She journeys from NYC to the mysterious Hazel Wood–the supernatural land where her grandmother’s stories are set. Buy on Bookshop

Loveboat, Taipei

A sheltered teen is sent to Taiwan by her parents. She dreads it until she discovers what is truly awaiting her. Rebellion, excitement, and emotion all kept me enthralled until the end! Buy on Bookshop

The Grace Year

The Handmaids Tale, The Crucible, and Lord of the Flies wrapped up into a YA novel. A compelling story that describes how change can happen when women work together. Buy on Bookshop

Hello Girls

A modern Thelma and Louise tale about two best friends trying to escape from their oppressive home lives. Join them on their wild road trip to Vegas. A YA story about strong female friendships and rebelling against the patriarchy. Buy on Bookshop


A sci-fi twist on a beloved fairytale. An amazing start to an epic futuristic intergalactic battle for the fate of the world. Buy on Bookshop


This “not history, history book” tells the narrative of racism throughout time. From the first racist, to slavery, to modern politics. Eye-opening and important. Will you choose to be a segregationist, assimilationist, or anti-racist? Buy on Bookshop

The Gravity of Us

An endearing read that combines stars in the sky with stars in our hearts, plus a little social media drama on the side. Buy on Bookshop

What If It’s Us

An adorable story about two boys spending an unforgettable summer together. The kind of love story that makes your heart happy. Buy on Bookshop