War Eagle Y'all,

We are so very grateful for the ways the Auburn community has supported this brand new bookstore in this very weird time. You’ve reached out on Instagram and chatted on our website, called for recommendations and gift cards, stock checks and mental health checks. Thank you— for caring about us now, and for caring about our future. According to the great state of Alabama, we are essential. And we plan to be here for a long time.

We will be continuing to offer our contactless curbside service, which is super easy. Place your order over the phone, and when you’re ready to pick it up, we put it on a table in the atrium. You drive by, hop out, and keep getting on.  If you want to send a book to a distant friend, we can do that. We have a bookseller on call from 11AM-5PM every day— Katie is making recommendations, checking stock and taking orders. Let her know what you’re looking for.

We’re also continuing to encourage you to develop a Bookshop.org habit.  This site is a great associative resource for books, and everything you purchase when you use our link benefits Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers— no matter where you find it. It’s really the indie bookstore answer to Amazon, as well as your esoteric philosophy habit, your wish for 19th century Italian poets or the book you’ve been looking for about French Bulldogs. Go check it out. We promise it’s good stuff.

We’re still getting new books in stock, and we love putting together care packages, finding gifts and goodies, making packages pretty. It’s the little things right now that feel best.

Stay tuned. There’s always more to come.


Books are fuel.

Welcome to Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers, we’re an independent bookstore in Auburn, AL featuring a specially curated selection of books, cards, and gifts as well as custom-made drinks (complete with a coffee menu inspired by local authors). Our namesake pays homage to a family business from a time when a gas station was a filling station, a place where you knew each other, where someone came out to your car to fill up your tank, clean your windshield, and catch up a bit. At Auburn Oil Co Booksellers, you can know a friendly face, fill your brain and your belly, and maybe see a little better when you leave.

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