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Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers

Your First Independent Auburn Bookstore

We’re an independent bookstore in Auburn, AL featuring a specially curated selection of books, cards, and gifts as well as custom-made drinks (complete with an author-inspired coffee menu). Our namesake pays homage to a family business from a time when a gas station was a filling station, a place where you knew each other, where someone came out to your car to fill up your tank, clean your windshield, and catch up a bit. At Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers, you can know a friendly face, fill your brain and your belly, and maybe see a little better when you leave.

Auburn Oil Company Storefront

Events for book lovers

From author events to wine tastings, we offer something for every reader.

Our menu

We’ve got coffee, tea, baked goods, wine, and beer! Like our books, our food and beverages are selected with care and served with love.

What’s going on…

One-of-a-kind book-themed events curated with love and care in every detail.
Our book clubbers show up with a desire to discuss… most even read the book! We provide moderators to organize and facilitate, and we run the gamut of topics.
Our staff loves to read, clearly. See what they think and find your next read.


Our monthly book subscription service. Sign up to receive hand-selected books from our shelves to your doorstep.

We’re partial to the intoxicating bookstore smell; we’d love for you to come see us in person! Browse our shelves, sip our coffee, join an event! If you would prefer not to come in, though, we are happy to offer curbside pick-up, shipping, and over-the-phone purchase options.

Come and See Us!