What If It’s Us

An adorable story about two boys spending an unforgettable summer together. The kind of love story that makes your heart happy. Buy on Bookshop


A collection of Mary Oliver’s poems spanning more than five decades. Her poems are both personal and universal. A beautiful and blissful collection. Buy on Bookshop

Between the World and Me

Part memoir, part social commentary, all letter of love and protection to his teenage son, Coates intimately details his life growing up Black and male in America. A must-read for sure (especially if you love James Baldwin). Buy on Bookshop

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

A smart, funny thrill ride with 90’s vibes on point! A little creepy, a little gruesome, but a lot of fun! Southern lady girl power at its finest; get comfy, because you won’t want to put it down! Buy on Bookshop

Nothing to See Here

This book is so good, I sat down to write Mr. Wilson a letter as soon as I finished it. Funny, warm, and so very true (in spite of the fact there are children who spontaneously burst into flame). This is my favorite book of 2019. Buy on Bookshop