The Feminine Mystique

A groundbreaking book when first published in 1963, Friedan examines the social norms surrounding the roles of women and encourages women to seek their worth and ambitions. Buy on Bookshop


A window into the lived experience of a Persian girl in political upheaval. Necessary. A graphic novel for people who don’t like graphic novels. Buy on Bookshop

How Not To Die

An insightful read about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Full of scholarly research and also practical advice on incorporating healthy foods into your life. Buy on Bookshop

My Life in France

An incredible glimpse into mid-20th century France and some incredibly important times in Julia Child’s life. Her life told in her own words, yet reads like a novel. Perfectly encapsulates […]

On Tyranny

Something to spur you toward action, something to make you feel seen, and something to make you angry – On Tyranny is a tiny volume with a lot to get […]

Say Nothing

An insightful account of the people – both willing and unwilling – who were involved in “The Troubles.” This book gave me an understanding of what it would feel like […]

A Prayer Journal

The Flannery you know and love, up close and personal – including facsimile pages at the back and a lovely layout throughout. Buy on Bookshop

Bad Feminist

A brilliant collection of essays that find the funny in flawed feminism. Buy on Bookshop

Tell Me a Story

This is a must read for Pat Conroy fans, but it’s also a poignant portrait of the ups and downs of family life and marriage. Buy on Bookshop

Tattoos on the Heart

This book by the founder of Homeboy Industries, Gregory Boyle, goes straight into the darkness that overtakes too many young lives and shines a light that is full of compassion, […]