The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Witty, charming, emotional, and poignant. Have your tissues ready. An absolutely beautiful commentary on human nature and relationships. You don’t have to be a cat lover to pick up this […]

The Other Windsor Girl

A perfect pick for lovers of The Crown. A historical fiction novel about the life of the vivacious princess Margaret through the eyes of one of her ladies-in-waiting. Buy on […]

Twice in a Blue Moon

The experience of a first love and heartbreak with London as the backdrop. What happens when you meet that long lost love over a decade later? Buy on Bookshop

The Last Mrs. Parrish

An engaging psychological thriller that will keep you entertained with every juicy revelation! A story about a woman scheming and insulates herself into the lives of an affluent couple. It […]

The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

This book really captures how you can be grief-stricken and have lost everything but still carry on. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a story with perseverance and […]

When All Is Said

An introspective and thought-provoking read. Maurice Hannigan toasts 5 influential people from his past while exploring his highs and lows (and everything in between). Beautifully and concisely written. Buy on […]


Blackwood is a fine piece of Southern gothic lit – with just a sliver of redemption. Buy on Bookshop

My Life in France

An incredible glimpse into mid-20th century France and some incredibly important times in Julia Child’s life. Her life told in her own words, yet reads like a novel. Perfectly encapsulates […]

The Last Ballad

One of my favorite NC writers revisits the difficult and inspiring life of Ella May Wiggins–1929 mill laborer, single mother, unionist. Wiggins fought for equality and justice way before it […]

The Handmaid’s Tale

  Should be required reading for all. A theocratic overthrow of the US government leaves women with no rights to their own bodies. Atwood may have written this in 1984, […]